How it Works

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Widgets are digital building blocks for hands-on teaching. Widgets are designed by teachers for use in their classroom.  They don’t require specific lesson plans and can be used differently depending on your teaching style and goals.

We call them widgets and not “teaching aids” because as digital, open source tools, they are much more flexible than traditional teaching aids.

download and make   Go ahead and download a widget to make one if you have access to the tools.  All the digital files of our widgets are posted under a creative commons license.  If you have access to common digital fabrication tools you can make your own widget.

remix   We encourage modifying and remixing widgets to fit your own needs.   If you come up with an innovative use or combination of widgets, please share them back with us.

wantit   Not everyone has access to digital fabrication tools, so we created a unique voting mechanism, your wallet.  Every widget has a “campaign” associate with it.  If you want this widget, commit to buy it and when enough people commit, we’ll produce and mail it to you.  We are a non-profit so we’re making this at cost (sometimes below) thanks to our partnership with Curious Cat Educational Toys.

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