Zombie Cat Widget Factory

 “What I cannot create, I cannot understand” – Richard Feynman

headshotZombie Cat is a 501c3 Non Profit based in California and dedicated to making math and science engaging for students.  In early 2011, we launched our web site http://zombie-cat.org to collect engaging web based content in math and science.

Zombie Cat’s founder, Diego Fonstad is father of 4 budding builders and a lifelong tinkerer.  He is also a serial entrepreneur, most recently co-founding Bullet Biotech, a cancer vaccine company.

In the summer of 2011, he was asked to be the first Director of the Bourn Idea Lab at his daughter’s school, Castilleja.  It was there that he rediscovered the importance of hands on learning and the grew increasingly concerned that “edtech” had become overly focused on software based solutions.

That’s why in 2013, the Widget Factory was launched to provide teachers a chance to use the power of digital tools, while providing their students critical, hands on exploration.

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