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The TMP Module covers 4 principles in depth: Inclined Planes, Friction, Pulleys, Weight Misconception; and 2 others in not as much depth: Tension and Newton’s Second Law.

Student over-utilize their intuitive knowledge in the classroom, and it really gets in the way of them developing a correct, conceptual understanding. The TMP module presents them with situations in which their intuitive knowledge is actually correct, so that it contrasts with scenarios in which their intuition is not applicable.

The TMP module also provides easily accessible visualizations to elucidate those areas in which students have problems.


  • Wood Laser Cut Parts


FisixED was started by two Stanford senior designers who, with complete conviction, are convinced that physics teachers are not getting the help that they need from current educational tools. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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