Circulatory System

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circulatoryKit to demonstrate the flow of the circulatory system by building a “heart” of either two or one chamber. Kit consists of readily available parts consisting of bottles to represent the heart’s chambers, tubing to represent and one way valves to represent the heart valves.


  • 4 squeeze bottles (where to buy)
  • 8 push in connectors (where to buy)
  • 2 one-way valves
  • Clear tubing


Sure you can memorize and read about the circulatory system, but Christina wanted her students to really remember how it worked. So she worked with us to create this kit that requires the students to “build” a heart. She first had them build a 2-chamber heart but the real fun was in having them build a 4-chamber heart and pump it correctly. Here’s a link to a video of them trying that!

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