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Desktop model of 3 dimensional Euclidean Space with X-Y-Z axis labeled. The origin has additional pegs holes to allow the illustration of properties of vectors. Made of 3d printed plastic parts with painted dowels for the axis and as vectors.


  • 3D printed hub with spoke holes for origin and vectors
  • 3D printed Axis labels with arrows for ends of dowels
  • 3D printed additional hub piece for illustrating vectors
  •  6 dowels painted in three different colors to match axis colors
  •  3 dowels painted in white for use as vectors.


Josh’s students said they had difficulty following his teaching of linear algebra vector spaces when he got into 3D when only drawn on the white board or viewed in a textbook. He designed this with them to give them an opportunity to interact and better visualize such concepts as planes intersecting in space and the how planes can be defined as the perpendicular to a vector.This was designed to give them an opportunity to interact .

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